How To Install Bathroom Accessories [Quick & Easy]

Pretty much every family unit has in any event one shower, and the vast majority of us utilize a shower routinely, regardless of whether we’re normally shower people.

A few people may realize how the regular shower functions and how one can deal to fix minor issues. In any case, what number of you know about the most widely recognized parts that go into making your shower?

In addition, do you realize how to introduce shower plumbing without any preparation? Today, in this article we are going to talk about the most common shower accessories and their installation process in detail.

Shower Head

The shower head is one of the shower plumbing parts that we associate with the water pipes by utilizing a hose normally made of steel. It is quite possibly the most noticeable piece of a shower, and it is anything but difficult to supplant on the off chance that it breaks. Shower heads come in more than one shape, from the customary cycle ones to square ones.


Remove your old shower head from the shower arm if you are still having it. In the event that there’s any handyman’s tape on the shower arm, this should be eliminated also.

Affix new handyman’s tape to the edge coupling on the shower arm

Twist on the new shower head. Fix with a wrench if important to keep water from spilling.

Remove any noticeable handyman’s tape.

Enjoy a shower with your new shower head you just introduced.

Shower Cartridge

The shower cartridge is that piece of the shower plumbing framework that controls temperature/volume and moves to and fro at whatever point you pull the shower handle.

Directions :

First of all, you have to remove the handle of your shower and then tightly hold the handle in order to unscrew the cover plate behind it.

In the next step, you have to unscrew the escutcheon in order to remove it.

You will find a small clip that is holding the cartridge in the shower valve and you have to efficiently pry that thing up.

After the cartridge has become loose, carefully pull it out using pliers.

Certain amount of grease should be put on the new cartridge and again, very efficiently put that back into the valve.

The small clip should also be put back so that it can hold the new cartridge.

Bit of silicon and a foam bead should be added at the back of the escutcheon plate and at last the cover plate should be screwed and the shower handle too.

Shower Pan

The shower container or pan is a waterproof boundary made of one or the other lead or vinyl that is framed into the state of a skillet. It’s set under the tile floor of a shower. The reason for the container or pan is to get any water that may leak through the tile and grout and direct it to the channel.

Directions :

Make sure that you have removed your old shower pan if you were having.

To install the new one, take some plumbers putty and roll it and afterwards put it around the drain. When you have finished this, place it in the hole.

From the backside, now the next step is to put the gasket on over the thread and tighten it up.

Put a little amount of sand mix over the floor to level up the corners and then put the shower pan into the sand mix.

Put some weight over the shower pan and leave it overnight in order to make sure that it sticks perfectly with the floor.

Shower Valve

These valves are fittings intended to control water stream and temperature in the shower. Modern shower valves, when appropriately introduced, can make showering more wonderful by decreasing temperature vacillations and shock changes in water pressure.

Directions :

Start by killing the water and eliminating the old shower valve. Once in a while the most straightforward manner to do this is by warming up the line fittings with a light to extricate the bind and pull the valve free.

Eliminate the plastic cartridge and any lodging from the valve body prior to starting establishment. Apply motion (welding glue) to the entirety of the line attachments on the valve and to the furthest limit of the hot and cold water pipes prior to continuing.

Move the valve into position inside the divider.

Light the propane light, change the fire, at that point continue fastening every one of the joints.

Permit time for the lines and the shower valve to chill off in the wake of binding prior to introducing the shower cartridge. At the point when the metal is totally cool, introduce the shower cartridge.

Ultimately, introduce the trim and handle. Position the cover plate, at that point screw on the cartridge sleeve. The handle goes on last.

Shower Pipes

Shower pipes are the lines associated with a shower valve that controls the temperature and stream of water to the shower head.

Directions :

Find reasonable hot and cold water supply pipes from which to draw the water for the shower.

Amass the lines and fittings important to carry the water to the divider behind the shower. You may need to penetrate 3/4-inch openings in the base plate to go the lines through. At the point when you’re finished with this harsh in, you ought to have two stub-outs in the divider behind the shower that reach out at any rate a foot over the floor.

Introduce impeding in the divider outlining to help the shower valve.

Set up the valve varying so you can weld lines to it.

At that point fold plumbing tape over the strings of the connectors, screw one into each port and fix it with a wrench.

Stretch out the harsh in lines to the valve by fitting lengths of 1/2-inch pipe with the legitimate fittings.

Dry-fit the lines and weld them after you’re certain everything fits.

Introduce an elbow for the shower head by screwing it to a crosspiece or hindering connected to the outlining at the appropriate tallness. Interface this shower ell to the top port of the valve with a length of 1/2-inch copper line and patch the line to the ell and to the connector that is appended to the valve.


We hope that this article proved to be informative for you and that the steps were crystal clear to you and now you are aware of the most common and widely used shower accessories as well as how to go about their installation process.

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